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Make your annual tax appointment meeting now! Click here to request and set up your appointment to review your 2004 year-end taxes. See and print a checklist of information you need to bring with you.

Accurate Arlington Services, Inc. has represented quality service for the past 20 years in Arlington Heights, Illinois.  Accurate Arlington Services, Inc. was founded on the new idea that small and medium size businesses who cannot afford high salaried accountants, bookkeepers and consultants can obtain the same services through us.

We offer year-round tax and financial 24-hour telephone support.  Any calls received after 5:00 pm are returned by the next business day.  If you need to speak with an individual person, a telephone appointment can be set up.  All government correspondence (Internal Revenue Service and any other state government agency) are reviewed at no charge.  Please fax the letter (847-632-9967) and within 2 weeks, we will answer your questions.

Our president, Alan J. Gabrys, is an Enrolled Agent with the Internal Revenue Service and can assist you with any past or current tax problems.  We, here at Accurate Arlington Services, Inc. will be happy to speak with you and answer any question you may have in regard to your business.

We have three different sets of office hours throughout the year.  To accommodate our clients, we have listed our hours below:

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Seasonal Office Hours

January 1 April 30 Monday Friday 8:30 5:30
May 1 August 31 Monday Thursday 9:00 5:00
May 1 August 31 Friday 9:00 12:30
September 1 December 31 Monday Friday 9:00 5:00

As part of your service with Accurate Arlington Services, Inc., you will have an annual tax meeting with Alan Gabrys at the end of the year to review your tax information and determine applicable tax consequences.  To ensure complete preparation for this meeting, we have created a list of required documentation that must be brought with you to your meeting. Please review and print a copy of our required annual tax meeting information before your meeting time.

2004/2005 Tax/Events
Government Forms
Income Tax Returns

Form Type of Form Due Date
1120 & IL1120 Corporate Returns 3/15
1120S & IL1120ST S-Corporate Returns 3/15
1040 & IL1040 Individual Returns 4/15
1065 & IL1065 Partnership Returns 4/15
1041 & IL1041 Trust Returns 4/15
  Payroll Tax Returns  
941 Federal Wage Return 4/30
IL941 State Wage Return 4/30
UI 3/40 (IDES) State Unemployment 4/30
941 Federal Wage Return 7/31
IL941 State Wage Return 7/31
UI 3/40 (IDES) State Unemployment 7/31
941 Federal Wage Return 10/31
IL941 State Wage Return 10/31
UI 3/40 (IDES) State Unemployment 10/31
941 Federal Wage Return 1/31
IL941 State Wage Return 1/31
UI 3/40 (IDES) State Unemployment 1/31
940EZ Federal Unemployment 1/31
W-3 Transmittal of Wage and Tax Statement 1/31
W-2 Wage and Tax Statement 1/31
IL W-3 State Wage Report 1/31
1099-MISC Miscellaneous Income Report (Subcontractors) 1/31
1096 Annual Summary of Information Returns 1/31

In order to process your information, we request to receive your financial information at the earliest possible date.  For the income tax returns, we would like an appointment with our corporate customers in December to estimate the tax liability for the corporate and individual tax returns.  In January and February, the customers with the earlier appointments will receive our attention before later customers.  By March 1st, any corporate customer that does not have an appointment will be put on extension.  The same is true of our individual tax return customers who do not have an appointment by April 1st.  The appointments with Alan Gabrys, the President, take approximately one hour for corporate customers and 45 minutes for individual customers.

Regarding the payroll tax returns, please review the letter we mail to you for the exact due dates for information.  In general, financial information is required by the end of the first week following the quarter, for example April 7th for the quarter ending March 31, 2005.  If information is received at a later date, then our processing fee increases due to the limited amount of time to process your returns. 


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